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Dig It Organic Soil is the optimal mixture of nutrients and minerals prepackaged and ready to use!

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The microbial colony waiting in every bag of Dig It is just waiting to get to work for your plants..

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All Organic

First and foremost our goal is to use our resources to bring bulk amounts of organic nutrients and minerals here to Michigan.

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Secondly, we strive to be more economical for both the consumer and ourselves by ordering in bulk and not gouging the price up for retail.

Clean code

Low Carbon Footprint

Finally, our bulk buying patterns allow us to have a substantially lower carbon footprint.

Soil Composition

30%100% Sphagnum Peat Moss
15%High-grade Earthworm Castings
15%Highly Ammended Compost
15%Rice Hulls

The Basics:

     First, we mix all of our organic materials together into a consistent composition; in an industrial sized-baffle we mix 100% Sphagnum peat moss, High-grade earthworm casting, Highly amended compost, Bio-char, and finally Perlite or rice hulls for aeration. After mixed, our soil starts a rapid growing colony of beneficial bacteria and microbes that work hard to keep your plants lush and thriving. Add soil to container, transplant seedlings to mature plants into container, keep soil moist and you have beautiful plants for an extended period of time. That easy! Only water for exponential growth!

Soil Biology:

     We mix several forms of crushed rock, plant and wildlife meal, and different flours to form a perfect biological structure for healthy plants.

In our soil we mix:

•Neem meal - A great source of important nutrients that break down and slowly release for optimal uptake. Wonderful amendment to deter pests and diseases that will harm your plant.
•Crustacean meal - High in chitin, which encourages soil microorganisms to discharge beneficial enzymes for a great soil, also considering it a Bio-pesticide.
•Kelp meal - A 100% natural source of over 70 Vitamins and minerals that maximizes your plants growth.
•Fish meal - Contains up to 63% protein that is broken down to amino acids and then further for available nitrogen for the plant.
•Oyster shell flour - Helps regulate PH levels in soil, in return increasing nutrient uptake, while promoting healthy cellular structure.
•Gyspum - Loaded with sulfate and calcium, gypsum helps with protein synthesis. Essential for nodule formation on legume roots.
•Tennessee Brown Rock - A unique form of natural Phosphate. Responsible for increasing photosynthesis; increases forage quality; outstanding for micorrhizial formation on and around roots.
•Basalt - High levels of Silicon in Basalt play a big part in forming healthy cell walls, making plants more sturdy and structured.
•Glacial Rock Dust - A large amount of extremely beneficial trace minerals are found in GRD. A terrific source of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, as well as micronutrients.
•Biochar - Attracts and retains moisture. Helps improve the carbon content of your soil. Studies show Biochar-enriched soils cut down on CO2 and NO2 emissions by 50-80%.

1.5 Cubic Ft. Bag

  • Ideal for the Home Garden

1-4 Yards

  • Landscaping & Small Farms

5+ Yards

  • Larger Scale Farms

25+ Yards

  • Industrial Uses
We can deliver the soil in either 10 gallon bags, 1 cu yard totes on a pallet, 5 cu yard dump trucks, or 40 cu yard gravel trains. We ship all over the state of Michigan including the Upper Peninsula. Call for delivery prices to your garden now!
We add all the nutrients to the soil so you don't have to! We add a blend of plant, rock and shell fish meals to get a perfect balance of living organisms and bacterias to break down all the nutrients and minerals for your plant to flourish through its whole life cycle.
We here at Dig It Soil say the bigger the pot size the bigger the plant! What we see most commonly go wrong in indoor cultivations is root bound plants. The plants love the soil, and in return form nice, bulky roots that typically can get crowded in smaller size containers. You give your plant room to grow it's roots nice and large, you'll have a optimal harvest every time.
The soil works excellent for indoor cultivation. We see the most success in cultivators that use larger containers. Just keep that soil moist for a optimal ecosystem of bacterias and enzymes and you'll be on the road to success!
Depending on weather/climate and also depending on container size the plant is in. We typically water once every 2-3 days. We like to keep the soil moist so just keep a eye on the soil and make sure it retains a nice moisture content. You don't want your plants to be soaked and swampy, but you never want your soil to be dry and dusty. A perfect median and you'll have excellent crops. We recommend putting straw on top of your soil to retain moisture and promote fungus growth!
No, we ammend our compost and soil with a nice organic neem meal to deter any unwanted pests.
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Abe Kobeissi


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For now Dig It Soil is exclusively available from the source including delivery anywhere in the state of Michigan. We are working on distribution deals as well as local retailers and our soil will be on shelves in the next few months. In the mean time feel free to call or send an e-mail with any questions or orders.



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